Crystal and The Test Command

When writing shell script, there's test, a condition evaluation utility. Crystal is a power programming language, that supports all test features.
What if we are porting a shell scr ipt to crystal, and we want to verify the correspondent command quickly? Check this article/cheatsheet and discover everything you need.


Time Zones From A Developer's Perspective

Let's talk in this article about timezones and how it applies to a web system. There are 3 main layers where is necessary to pay attention when working with date and times: databases, rails and javascript


Usando Blade Para Testar JavaScript no Rails

Procurando um executor de testes para o Rails? Eu encontrei algumas opções e então escolhi o Blade, esta não é uma comparação (não tenho nem experiência para isso), e neste artigo compartilho minha experiência testando javascript e rodando os testes com Blade


Using Blade (JavaScript) Runner on Rails App

Looking for a javascript test runner for Rails, I found some options, so I decided to choose Blade, as this is not a comparison (I’m not even experienced to do this), and in this article I share my experience testing ja vascript and running tests with Blade.


Hacking na Linguagem Crystal

Ontem comecei a olhar como poderia ajudar a linguagem de programação Crystal, então gostaria de compartilhar minha experiência, além de servir como referência futura.


Hacking on Crystal Language

Yesterday I started to looking on how to help the Crystal Programming Language, so I'd like to share my experience, as well serve as future reference.


Using Jekyll on Pow

The best way to run Jekyll on pow, is make it works as a Rack application. How do it? Check here in this article