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April 10, 2019

transferwise logo
transferwise logo

Transferwise Olá, (This post is in portuguese because it's for my Brazilian friends and family). Como vocês ja me conhecem, sabem que sou uma pessoa ~mão de vaca~ contida, e to sempre procurando um jeito de facilitar as coisas na vida financeira. Até…

Time Zones From A Developer's Perspective

postgresql, rails, javascript, date-fns
January 19, 2019

Dali painting the persistence of memory
the persistence of memory

Have you ever wondered how timezones (correctly) works on Ruby on Rails, React and PostgresSQL? Do you wanna know some best practices about it?

In this essay I share my thoughts and what I consider best practices about it. Hope you enjoy

Using Blade (JavaScript) Runner on Rails App

rails, blade, javascript, testing
June 13, 2016

blade runner
blade runner

Motivation Você pode ver esse post em português Looking for a javascript test runner for Rails, I found some options, so I decided to choose Blade , as this is not a comparison (I'm not even experienced to do this), here are the reasons why I…

Hacking on Crystal Language

crystal, hacking, compiler, opensource
June 01, 2016

crystal language
crystal language

Hacking on Crystal Language Você pode ver esse post em português Yesterday I started to help on Crystal Programming Language, so here I'd like to share my thoughts as well serve as future reference. Issues that needs verification (current codebase…

Use jekyll on pow

ruby, jekyll, rack, pow
February 15, 2015


The best way to run Jekyll on pow, is make it works as a Rack application. How do it? If you have created your application using you need to create a Gemfile with the following content: and bundle-install-it! Then create a with the…


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