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Crystal and The Test Command

September 24, 2021
crystal, bash, shell script, test
montage with bash logo, crystal logo and test text
having fun with crystal and shell script

When writing shell script, there's test, a condition evaluation utility. Crystal is a power programming language, that supports all test features.
What if we are porting a shell script to crystal, and we want to verify the correspondent command quickly? Check this article/cheatsheet and discover everything you need. [ read more ]


April 10, 2019
travel, costs, card, currency exchange
transferwise logo
transferwise logo

🇧🇷 Transferwise é uma fintech do reino unido que veio para facilitar as operações de câmbio, de forma fácil, transparente e mais barata. Compartilho minha experiência e faço um comparativo com a solução que eu usava anteriormente, o BB Americas. [ read more ]

Time Zones From A Developer's Perspective

January 19, 2019
postgresql, rails, javascript, date-fns
Dali painting the persistence of memory
the persistence of memory

Let's talk in this article about timezones and how it applies to a web system. There are 3 main layers where is necessary to pay attention when working with date and times:

  • - Database
  • - Rails
  • - JavaScript
[ read more ]

Using Blade (JavaScript) Runner on Rails App

June 13, 2016
rails, blade, javascript, testing
Blade Runner Movie Image
Blade (JavaScript) Runner

Looking for a javascript test runner for Rails, I found some options, so I decided to choose Blade, as this is not a comparison (I’m not even experienced to do this), and in this article I share my experience testing javascript and running tests with Blade. [ read more ]

Using Jekyll on Pow

February 15, 2015
ruby, jekyll, rack, pow
Jekyll Logo
Mr. Hyde would be proud of

The best way to run Jekyll on pow, is make it works as a Rack application. How do it?
Check here in this article [ read more ]


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