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Remote Work

Working 3 years in a remote position, I've learned a lot of this way of working, work-life balance and specially about myself.

I've talked to some people that usually says: "Work in a remote position is my dream, work from my couch, watching Netflix"

And then my reply is always: "This is your dream of work or vacation?"

Remote position has its pros/cons compared to any other way of working, and is hard to bisect the good/bad parts, each point has its good/bad parts, so let's explore what each topic is for me.

Disclaimer: This is solely my opinion and how I handle with this situation


Pro: I save a huge time not commuting, I use this time to go to gym, read/study, and sometimes anticipate some work or personal task. Con: As I don't go out, sometimes I'm lazy to go to market (especially on the winter/snow), so I need to schedule some sort of appointments to do basic, daily basis tasks.


This is my personal space where I take notes about tech/programming things. Being in love with Linux since 1998, Ruby/Rails since 2010 and React/ES6 since 2016 you have some idea what you'll find here.

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